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About Us

Based in Cottage Grove, Oregon we have been raising Rottweilers since 2014.  We raise health tested imported Serbian Rottweilers with champion bloodlines.  We believe in socializing and handling our pups daily starting at birth.  95% of our pups go to homes with kids so socialization and temperament are extremely important to us.  Rottweilers are amazing family dogs, they are super smart, loyal, easy to train, beautiful, protective, and they have the biggest heart out of any breed I have ever been around.

We strive to produce the healthiest pups possible, all of our pups come with a hip and health guarantee we stand behind our dogs.  We do not ship our pups, you are welcome to fly here or drive to pick up your pup, we also have several flight nannies and ground transporters that we work with that are available to you at an additional cost.  We believe in meeting every family that is purchasing one of our pups to make sure this is the correct breed for them.  We also believe it is not only extremely important for each family to meet and pick the best pup for their family,  it is also equally important for us to meet and get to know each family that is going to be raising one of our pups.  Our goal is to find the best home possible and the best fit possible for each one of our pups.

When you purchase a pup from us not only are you getting a pup from health certified parents you are also getting a lifetime of breeder support.  We are always available to answer any questions about health, training, and food for the entire life of your dog.  We know and love this breed and enjoy sharing our knowledge with our customers.  We are here to help you raise a happy healthy dog.  We enjoy staying in touch with our customers so we can  watch our pups grow and thrive with you.  We love updates and pictures. 

I feel very fortunate to spend all day every day with my dogs, they are my life, my passion, and part of my family. Raising dogs is by no means an easy job, it is a 24/7 job no evenings, no weekends and no holidays off.  Regardless of what is going on in life my dogs and pups always come first.  Please keep in mind when you get a dog that it is a commitment of 10 to 12 years.  It takes time, commitment, respect and love to raise and train a dog.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, we are always happy to answer any questions you have.  

What sets us apart from the rest we strive to be the best

At Divine Rottweilers we are passionate about Rottweilers. We love helping people find the perfect new addition for their families, the relationship with us never stops there.  We stay in contact with all of our customers and are available for the entire life of the dog to answer any questions you may have.  Please do not buy from a breeder that does not offer a lifetime of breeder support this is a free service that should always be offered.  Trust me when I say there will be many times that you will reach out to us for tips on training, food and health and we will be here for you I promise this.  Customer service is always number one with us.  

Our  reputation is extremely important to us, we have worked really hard to maintain a 5 star rating and glowing reviews from our customers.  Please take a few minutes to read the reviews on my site, it speaks volumes about the quality and health of our dogs and the customer service we provide. I am always shocked when people contact me and tell me they have reached out to several other breeders via phone or email and never receive a response or a call back,  The other complaint I hear quite often from people is about other breeders is that the breeder selects the puppy for you.  I am a firm believer in letting families pick their own pup, each family needs to select the correct pup for them with the correct temperament.  I see it daily families are not the only ones to pick the correct pup the pup also picks the correct family the bonding starts there.


Lets talk about the proper nutrition for our dogs and pups.  Our dogs and pups are all fed Victor High Pro Plus we stand behind this dog food because of the quality, they have never had a dog food recall and lets face it in todays world dog food recalls can ultimately make your dogs very sick and in some situations even kill them not to mention expensive vet bills.  Victor is a high protein high fat food that supports proper health and growth.  We stay away from all dog foods that have chicken in them because most dogs have allergies to chicken and the dog will develop hot spots on their backs from eating it.  No one wants have their dog uncomfortable and itching all day and night long from a food allergy.  All of our dogs and pups are fed dry food, canned food and raw hamburger three times per day our dogs always have food in their dishes.  We also feed raw and hard boiled eggs which is also another great source of protein the dogs absolutely love them.

The last thing I want to talk about is trust.  Always buy from a breeder you trust, a breeder that takes the time to go that extra mile and answer your questions, takes the time to meet you in person and show you the facility and the dogs and pups.  Buy and support breeders that have health tested dogs and properly nourished dogs.  All of our dogs and pups are vaccinated and dewormed on a regular basis.  Our pups always come with first round of vaccines, and are dewormed and treated multiple times for worms and parasites.  This is extremely important to maintain a healthy dog.  Vaccination and deworming charts showing the exact dates pups were dewormed, treated for parasites, and vaccinated come with each pup.  All of our dogs come with a hip and health guarantee. All pups leave here on a signed contract that protects the pup, us, and you as the customer.   We keep things simple and very fair.  Our goal is to raise the happiest, healthiest puppies and dogs possible and believe me it shows in everything we do.

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